PSD support?

I wasn’t sure whether this goes here or in basics & interface, feel free to move it if need be, mods
up until the last release candidate of 2.46, I have been Pphotoshop’s .psd files in blender. this is great for textures, where I can use layers and whatnot in Photoshop and not have to export every time I want to view it on a model; it also means I don’t need two copies of every orthographic character drawing I do. only, int he final release of 2.46 they took psd support out? is there something I’m missing, or is it really gone? (if it helps, I changed computers between the last 2.46 RC and the final version, maybe there’s some support library I’m missing? I searched around, and nobody else even mentions this)
I’m dual booting up to date versions of windows XP and mac OSX, if knowing my OS helps at all. I’d prefer to get this working in mac.
many thanks in advance for any help ^^

I know for a fact that 2.46 supports psds, so I would say it’s a problem on your end. But this is actually a good thing, because you may get it working. How, I’m not sure…

I have a PC and a Laptop that I use for Blender. The PC has Photoshop installed. The laptop does not. Blender on my PC will read PSD files. Blender on my Laptop will not. My guess is that you need to reinstall Photoshop.

Install QuickTime and you’ll be set.

Cool Cire, works great with Qtime installed.

thanks, Cire, I wouldn’t have thought of that :slight_smile:

Yes, psd’s are supported in 2.46. Perhaps a reinstall is in order…

Softix: If you read the last three posts, you’ll see that the problem’s already been solved.

Pardon my curiosity, but what does Quicktime have to do with PSD’s and Blender? I’m installing QT now to see if it fixes my own problem.


broken previously answered that question here.

And remember everybody, searching is fun . . . :wink:

Yeah, PSDs are read through Quicktime. Although, be warned! their implementation is screwy. Usually transparency or blending effects will always be screwed up, so it’s more reliable to use a more consistent format, such as png or tiff.