Pseudo VSE proxy use.

I know that Peter is building in some proxy generation, but I have been trying this out (as Streamclip is giving me poor results at the moment).

  1. import h264 HD file to timeline (no realtime playback BUT has muxed audio).
  2. render out a jpegAVI of that strip at a matched resolution (annoying to do this for each clip) at a moderate compression.
  3. import the newly rendered jpegAVI and place it above the original.
  4. Meta both together
  5. Play in REALTIME with synced audio.
  6. Edit program :slight_smile:
  7. Perform colour corrections with Transfer Strips on top of each shot
  8. deactivate all the proxy versions of each strip (the hard part)
  9. render out high quality (yum).

I guess that you could slap all the shots onto the timeline and render a single clip out, bring it back and slice it up on the timeline then meta them individually.

Anyway this has all been about muxing and playback.

It seems to play well, even with multiple Transfer correction strips stacked on top. In scene preview I just tick the View settings proxy 25% button. Smooth as melted butter, with audio.

Thanx for letting us know this works.
Needless to say we’ll be looking forward to true proxy support: