.PSK Exporter not creating file

I recently, inexplicably, lost the ability to use the .psk exporter for 2.49 (0.0.19), for me the last truly useable version of blender for modelling and texturing, to some unknown error. However, I figured I could use the exporter built into the other two versions of blender. However, 2.58’s was terrible (no smoothing groups, auto-corrupting animation format) and as promising as 2.63’s was looking, it also failed.

I’ve rigged a test mesh in 2.63, and tried to export it. The exporter claims to have succeeded, but upon searching, it has created absolutely no file. I’m normally used to having another window with blender that updates the user code-side, but I don’t know where to check for errors now, so I’ll need a bit of direction if you need specifics.

Okay, nevermind. The exporter includes a feature that allows you to name it after the file or the object. The former appeared in the name field, but the latter was what was actually being used. Strangely.