psp and/or ds

This thread might end up being pointless, but i have to get something off my chest.

I bought a ds a few days ago after i was hit with a sort of game-fever. i barely scrounged up enough christmas money to get one and some games too.

after that i was browsing gamespot looking at some ds games, i wondered off into the psp section and saw some cool stuff that made me want one REAL bad.

looking at the sharp graphics and sexy curves of the psp made me feel that i had made a bad choice in my purchase, and should have waited until i had the extra cash to get a psp.

I started playing my ds some more (i got mario kart ds, and super mario 64 ds) then i realised how fun the touch screen actually makes things. the mini games in mario 64 are real fun, and can only be played with the touch screen.

so i realised that the ds has extra potential for fun over the psp, and the psp has the capacity for better looking and more detailed games.

so im just wondering if i made the right choice here, do graphics really matter over fun all that much? and games, i like some serious action as well, something the psp seems to have more of.

(i feel better already :smiley: )

EDIT: There are 4 ds games on gamespots top games list, but no psp games… hmm :

Graphics grow old. The “wow” of today becomes the “blah” of tommorrow.

Fun, on the other hand, basically lasts forever.

I would say no to the DS because I have one and I never play it for lack of good games, but the PSP lineup looks even worse. A lot of sports/racing games. Ugh. GTA:LC Stories looks good though. However, there are some new games coming for the DS that look really good. I just got Animal Crossing for the DS and it’s quite a bit of fun and my brother has Mario Kart and it’s cool too. Combined with the support for old Gameboy Advance games (which there are a lot of good ones), I’d say that the DS comes out on top. They just released Final Fantasy IV for the DS and I’ve been meaning to get that.

I’ve gotten on my soapbox a few times about video games (just search for any of my comments on video games and you’ll get where I stand on the subject), so I’m not going to now. But I will summarize: Games are not about graphics, or gameplay. Games are about emotional response. But graphics can, and do, attribute to emotional response, which makes the game enjoyable.

You can have games based wholly on story and have pretty boring gamplay, but still be a lot of fun (see RPGs). Same thing with purely gameplay driven games. I think that out of all the things that make a good game, from story, gameplay, graphics, art direction, etc, I think graphics do the least, but not by much (note: art direction, which is different from graphics, makes a HUGE impact on emotional response). Playing Doom 3 at 640x480 on medium detail scared me just as much as on full res at ultra high quality, but it did make the game just a little–and I mean a little–bit more enjoyable. So to say that graphics don’t matter at all, is a load of crap.

I have a PC as my main gaming machine. The only secondary gaming device I own is a Nintendo DS, simply because it offers me something that an Xbox, Playstation or GameCube can’t, with the small exception of exclusive games for those consoles. For example I own F-Zero, Einhander, and Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo, even though I don’t own the respective consoles to play them.

As far as no good games on the DS? I loved Kirby Canvas Curse, I’m playing a lot of Meteos, Castlevania DS seems to be as good or better than Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, which most would agree is the best Playstation title, and Mario Kart is the best in it’s series, from what I’ve read. So, the Nintendo DS does have some games that i’m definitely interested in and are a lot of fun to play.

So far I haven’t regretted paying half the price of the PSP for my DS. The PSP simply doesn’t offer me any different types of games that I could play on the PC, same with the Xbox, Playstation, and so on. The PSP is a nice toy to hack though :).

The dual screen and touch pad may be a gimmick, but it’s a welcome one.

Are you high?
Speak for yourself.

Actually I was refering to Top 10 articles that I’ve read over the years. <quickly googles> But I guess Metal Gear was also good. And I thought Crono Cross was a good game too, so I guess I am high :).

Wipeout Pure. The Graphics of Fusion, the fun of 2097. Well worth buying my PSP just for that game!

PSP graphics are like playstation 2.
DS graphics are like(and better) Nintendo 64.

I got a DS for christmas and I just love it. Simple to use for the newbie but allows more to happen.

Graphics do have a part to play. Like Doom 3 wouldnt be Doom 3 with out the complext shadows. Which the DS could never achieve, and probably the PSP.

PSP games look repetitive, just old PS2 games being ported over.

While DS has interesting and new features, which developers love. (like the touch screen).

When it comes to portable console, you want more fun than better graphics.

I have a PSP and buying a DS is like buying a Bike instead of a Motorcycle.

You need to have $$$$$$ to own a PSP, the games, movies, accessories all require alot of cash. I love my PSP and I would never play anything else. I did demo the DS and i must say…Two screens does not make it any better. I think Nintendo should have put a little more Research into the development of it.

Thank god for Gamestop who will take your DS and Games to put toward a PSP purchase! SO play the DS and save some money. When you get enough, sell it to game stop, and get the psp.

I think you need both a powerful machine and innovative games. One example of the need for power is for games like Burnout Revenge. Reviews for the DS version are bad because the power of the machine is low that the graphics don’t give you the same feel and it seems they reduced traffic levels too, which seriously affects gameplay.

I’m not a fan of new control mechanisms either. I was even against the analogue stick on the PS2 controller, which still bugs me, so the touch screen on the DS would annoy me. Plus, I’m a sucker for aesthetics and the DS is ugly compared to the shiny PSP with the beautiful display.

I’ve played the PSP and I was very impressed with it. I’ve only seen the DS but I’ve never wanted to pick it up. I mean, Nintendogs? Give me a break. I hear about innovation coming from Nintendo but I see the most popular games still tend to be Mario/classically popular games or some other games designed for kids.

Comparing gamespot top games for each, you have:

Burnout Legends
Socom US Navy Seals
Fifa 06
WWE Smackdown
Xmen Legends 2: Rise of Apocalypse
SSX: On Tour

Mario Kart
Advance Wars Dual Strike
Nintendogs: Daschund
Nintendogs: Chihuahua
Nintendogs: Labrador
Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time
Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
Animal Crossing: Wild World

OK some games are on both machines like Fifa 06 but the choice is obvious because the PSP has better graphics.

Let us not fail to consider the emulation capabilities of the Playstation Portable. :wink:

Why on earth would anyone in their right mind want a psp? Graphics aside, the only real good psp game from my point of view is lumines, while DS has Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow, Nintendogs, Advance Wars, and a myriad of other fun titles. Maybe people will make fun of you, but when they get bored with their psp becase all the games are ports of PS1 and 2 games, you’ll be lookin pretty smug. If you really have a yerning to play some psp games, wait till ps3 comes out, it’ll probably be able to play them. So in the end, I vote fun over “secksiness!!1!!”


you can put porn on a psp id like to see you do that with a ds
(or movies if your into that)

That what I think that the new iPod will be. Porn when people want, where they want it.

That what I think that the new iPod will be. Porn when people want, where they want it.[/quote]

Lol, the iPorn. I always knew the one-handed operation would come in handy.

I was unfortunate enough to be able to use a DS yesterday and it was awful. The trackpad didn’t even respond properly so I was practically bending the display to get it to select the items.

I can’t comment on any of the supposedly decent games because it just had Nintendogs on it, which was lame.

The PSP has planty of fun games and since it seems to have a SNES emulator now:

I’d be able to play any of the hundreds of my classic games, which I know have good gameplay.

oops. Voted for graphics when I meant fun.

I don’t think that’s a fair poll, anyway. I think that the psp combines fun and graphics, so the poll is not related to the subject.

anyway, I have no desire for a touchscreen. It takes the fun out of the game, IMHO. (Though I must admit, the Mario Kart is pretty desirable…)

The touch screen doesnt take the fun out of games. Infact it can add extra for a change.

Most games implement the touch screen in some way. Like display screen on choosing settings.

The touch screen is great for many mini games like in Sonic Rush its used when your running down the half pipe, it works brilliantly :smiley:

The touch screen is ones of those features that if you havent used it you wont miss it.

Personally, I love my DS. There are some friggen AWESOME games for the DS, such as Kirby Canvas Curse, Mario Kart DS, Meteos, and even the port of Mario64 isn’t bad at all. As for graphics… shrug. Not a big deal to me… and actually go look at the graphics for Metriod Prime: Hunters. Better than some PSP games i’ve seen.

The touch screen… it’s almost like a friggen mouse. adds a ton of functionality and cool new game-types that aren’t possible on a normal hand-held.

I love my DS too. I just wish I had more time to play it. The touch screen is an interesting concept, but it can sometimes be an annoyance when you’re just using the buttons and then you suddenly have to switch to your stylus just so you can select a menu option. It does make for some pretty cool games, though. :smiley:

I lost my DS about three months ago and I am really p*ssed off about it (I got mario kart for christmas and I can only play it on my brother’s DS!) and to top that it was in a case with 20 games! :x

Fun - the one word that best describes what gaming is all about…

As someone has already mentioned, the games on the PSP are extreamly repetative. Well, so are PS2 games and porting them over again just makes it worse. The playability of sony’s games is deprivable imo, every playstation game I have bought I have got bored within the first day, it’s hard to explain, but they all seem to be like racing and shooting games yawn

Nintendo on the other hand make games that are unique and with that magic playability they all seem to have… Even with the port of Super Mario 64, and the fact I’ve completed the game twice on my N64, they still managed to make it as playable as an entirely new game! Mario kart is another example, (which you know I’ve been playing on my brother’s DS) it’s extremely addictive and playable, I can never put it down! My brother played on it once and he immediately went out to buy it! He has been playing it non-stop eversince! I don’t know why it’s so playable, Nintendo must have some sort of secret ingredient that they add :stuck_out_tongue:

Games are for entertainment, who cares if they have ultra realistic graphics? That’s not the point, the point is to enjoy yourself which is something that Nintendo does very well…

Anyways, that was my 2p :wink:

From Daniel