PSP contest entry uploaded:Space Stunts [updated 16062006]

I uploaded the first file of Spacestunts. The game is quite complete, but would need a lot of physics tuning and leveldesign. Since I am going away for a week I decided to post it anyway how it’s now, so that people can comment it…

Goal of the game:
2.Get through the track without crashing blender! the same in lowest possible time.
The time gets measured and is lowered by getting bonusses for special obstacles and long jumps. The level is passed if the player has lower time than required(by now it’s 50s for all levels)

the controls(player 2 is set somehow else, you can redefine controls from menu, gets saved in file):
wsad(arrows) - basic car controls, during flight controlling of the spin of the car - useful for better landing, and sometimes helps if the car is on the roof.
f - reset car to last checkpoint
space - brake
c- down-force, for keeping the car on the road in loops, etc.
ctrl - shoot - for 2 player mode, in single player useful for removing stack obstacles

several tracks(these are not final, just for testing)
many obstacles/track parts, few physics - based(today added first with constraint)
2 cars - you can change them in menu by clicking on them
the levels are unlocking - so you have to pass 1 level to get to the next, which gets saved automatically, so no saving is really needed.
speedometer, jump-o-meter.

What needs testing:
2 player mode - I’m not really good at driving 2 cars at once

-don’t go too fast. Especially don’t accelerate when starting a loop, just in the first moment.
-use direction keys to control your flight.
-shoot your way through walls of boxes.
-use the down-force key in tubes and loops.

If anybody would want to help me with leveldesign and mainly tuning the cars still more, it would be great, I won’t have much time anymore. I’d post the source files, if anybody wants to make more levels etc. I will show up on this forum tomorrow and then after a week.
thx. vn

You include the wrong version of the python dll. After clicking start, I get a black screen with two little dots that fall. Then there is nothing.

same here…

updated the post and another link. the problem was with wrong layers beeing switched on. the 2 dots were the cars :slight_smile:

Nope, still doesn`t work. Why not just give us a .blend?

MagicMan, you are right, this time it was only python issue. I used 1 module from my 2.4 installation, but I didn’t include all libraries which are linked to it(quite many). I had to uninstall my python to find this all out. Please test, it’s really worth for me.

Iconjunky - I’ll give the blend out in a week or so, since I’m still in the contest and although there are maybe better entries, I still have chance to win with some of ideas used in the game.

Hope this build will work, will be uploaded n cca 15 mins since this post

Any screenies?


haha yeah. i agree with him though, its much better to see what you are going to be downloading before you do it.