PSP: My 1st post here

This is my 1st post here in blenderartist forum. And this is my 1st project that I did without following any tutorial.:slight_smile:

So basically, My 1st attempt with Blender, this is rendered in cycles with about 500 passes for about 40 minuets. I'm new in blender, and I almost don't know how to texture, so texturing may feels noob. 

I would like the feedback.<img src="/uploads/default/original/3X/1/0/10a51a39ef90295e13c9c394e34dd214aeebb170.jpg" width="690" height="388"><br/>

very nice, could we see a view in edit mode? Textures look ok to me, maybe it could be a little more glossy.

The textures (especially on the lower buttons) seem a bit low-res. Also, the whole console seems to be too blocky.\

But overall it looks good. Great job for a first project! :slight_smile:

It looks a little bit asymmetrical to me…

you did a real nice job. welcome to the forum.
(edit) next, you should try making an entire scene. you could put the game in the scene somewhere.

Thank you guys, as I said, I couldn’t get the texturing done right. And PSP itself is not symmetrical, its long on the right. I’ll post the screen shot in edit mode. Here is the Blendswap link- .

Well, IDK, but something just seems strange to me, I have a psp.

Maybe the sides on your model are not curved enough?

yes may be you are right, but i took the refrence of this image and and this. I did it just a little, but may be due to lance and angle, it feels a little more asymmetrical then it should. No problem, I’ll fix it. thanx for the feedback. :slight_smile:

Ok, I happen to own a PSP, so I decided to show you some of your errors (just please don’t think I’m being harsh or anything, I just want to help you develop a great model, and you’re on a way there :yes: )

Just my thoughts. :wink:
EDIT: I noticed that you said you couldn’t get the texturing right. Well, ignore my comments regarding textures, then :wink:

thanks friend, the only problem is that its hard to read your handwritings.

Oh ok, next time I’ll just use normal text with pointers:o

That’s your first attempt? Looks pretty dang impressive to my for someone who barely knows how to use the program! And do I see some node work also? It looks like some good use of color correction and glare…

I can’t wait to see what you come up with after your a Blender pro!

thanx for your words.