Psst... hey how do I advance the time line 10 frames keyboard shortcut?

Title says it all…

How do I advance the time line 10 frames at a time? Used to be shift-up arrow… :cry:


Shift right, IIRC? Maybe alt right?

I believe they removed the 10 frames shortcut when they redid the keymap in version 3.0, IIRC.

You can still make a key mapping that will do this though:


Just change that delta to -10 (and + 10 for the opposite direction)

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Thanks, but no go… Shift-right arrow jumps to start frame, Shift-left arrow jumps to end frame. Alt-right arrow/Alt-left arrow does nothing… :neutral_face:

Dem suma biches… :rage:

That’s not the same thing. That will make it advance 10 frames, but then you loose the advance single frame, because you set it to advance 10 frames…

Next time I’m on my 2.76 machine, I’ll have to look over the user prefs to see what it was called. In blender 2.46, up arrow advanced the current frame by 10 frames, down arrow backed the current frame downward by 10 frames. After the 2.5 rewrite and up to 2.76, it was shift-up arrow/shift-down arrow. Now it appears to be totally gone…

It was my second most used hot key when starting an animation. Move object/change pose, I-key to insert keyframe, shift-up arrow to advance 10 frames, change object/pose, I-key to insert keyframe, shift-up arrow to advance…

Thanks anyways,

You can add a separate keymap that you set your 10 frame delta on:

Just click ‘add new’, Type in (or copy) screen.frame_offset, set your deltas accordingly, then map them to whatever you want

You could also just modify the existing up/down arrow keymaps by changing the operator identifier to screen.frame_offset

The keymap editor is a little clunky, but it is very powerful. Don’t be afraid to play with it.

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There is a Blender 2.7x keymap preset bundled with Blender 3.3.
You can use it. If you don’t want to create your own keymap.