Psuedo futuristic military lab (new object pg2 10/26/04)

This is going to be a scene for a short film I’m working on, a secret military lab run by a rebel group. So far I just have these two…things…These are more like backround pieces, they don’t really have a purpose besides just being there. hopefully I’ll have more soon.

I’ve just recently started skecthing ideas out before I start modelling. It actually helps me alot in getting ideas down. Unfortunately my sketching skills aren’t that great.

CC and suggestions welcome. I’m going to start adding some nuts and bolts now.


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    ceiling attachment, 1st version ---- middle of page 1
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    underside of ceiling attachment ---- bottom of page 1
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    topside ‘’ ‘’ ‘’ ---- page 2
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    table updates and test anim ---- page 2
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    new floor-ceiling object ---- page 2

In the bottom image, there seems to be a kink in the large tube, on the right. How have you made that tube? By using a bevelobject on a curve, you can get a perfectly shaped tube.

I assume you’ve enabled ambient occlusion. Could you post a render of the bottom image with normal lighting? The larger faces in the object seem dirty and I’d like to know if it’s your mesh or the lighting.

Oh, and your sketching skills are not that bad. You haven’t seen mine :slight_smile:

thanks for the quick reply.

The large tube is a cylinder with one end spun 90 degrees. The smaller tubes are curves with bevelobjects.

No ambient occlusion here. Just used a fake gi dome with z-buffered spotlights.

heres a render with just 3 spotlights if you want.

Perhaps you should make the bevelling of you edges smaller. There are still some very hard edges, particulairly on the left. When you make them small enough, setting autosmooth should give you nice and realistic edges.

About the smaller tubes/hoses. Perhaps it would be a good idea to put hose-clamps on them. You know, these things:

Anyway, it’s looking good. Kind of reminds me of playing Half-Life :slight_smile:

Great job so far. I agree with halfgaar, thoes hose clamps would add very nice details.

Thanks for the ideas. I’m not completely sure what a hose clamp is. Do they go on the ends of the tubes? I’ll try modelling one to see how it looks.

Meanwhile, this is another object that I’ve been working on. It’s a ceiling attachment with robot arms. There will probably be 4 arms total. Its a little earlier on in the modelling process than the other two right now.

Also, photobucket seems to be down so if you want to see the previous images they’re here:

Good stuff, this will look great(er) textured.

I am interested if you can please tell me,
how did you made the tube (on the right) bend like this,
in the second image?
The normal extrude/grab/scale/subsurf/smooth technique I
always use to modeling this kind of stuff does not help here!

Looking good so far … Ofcourse it the metal needs material but everything in it’s time… I like what you’ve done untill now …

very small update. Just modelled the begginings of a simple hose clamp similar to the posted ref.

Also, which type of screw/bolt do you thing would work better? I’m leaning toward the octogonal one.

woah your stuff is looking good ;).

Yep, octogonal is my opinion too.

thanks grim :slight_smile:

whoops, sorry planetshein, forgot to answer your question. The pipe is just a circle that I extruded. I used the spin function on one of the sides to curve it upwards. Same thing with the brace that surrounds it. Thanks for your opinion on the screw/bolt. The octogonal would probably fit in better with my modellin style, though I could probably have made the smooth version better if I had spent more than 30 seconds on it :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks zdk1 :slight_smile:
I was wondering, what inspired you?

another update. Modelled a bit more of the underside of the ceiling attachment.

Inspiration for modelling is coming just from sci-fi in general. Halo and Unreal for game imfluences I guess. bits and pieces from various movies.

inspiration for the story is coming more from films like matrix and books like Dune, or anything dealing with machine takeover. FF7 a bit too. I’m kind of mixing various ideas from these around and changing things to suit my tastes.

If anyones interested, here are some concept sketches or various other things that i plan on making later. Most aren’t part of the lab though.

this is some nice sharp/blocky looking stuff :slight_smile: I like it alot :smiley:

very nice design. Go for the octogonal bolt.

Keep it up! it’s nice!

(PS: don’t use low bias spotlight…or @ndy will bitch on you too! hahahaha)

I like the ceiling piece. Is a laser-beam going to come out of the center? It looks like a Half-Life beam-emittor thingy :slight_smile:

Do you have any idea when your movie will be complete? I look forward to seeing it.

thanks X-Warrior. You just reminded me, I only started using gi-domes w/ low bias spots after I saw one of your renders, I think it was that huge cruiser/spaceship. I really liked that one, along with most of your other creations.

So far I don’t plan on having anything come out of that center piece, could change though. The ceiling peice is meant to be placed over an “operating table” type fixture and the arms are used to weld/build various things.

As for when the movie will be complete, optimistically not for another couple of years :stuck_out_tongue: . As of right now this is a solo project and i’m aiming for 5-10 minutes, maybe longer (I have a basic script which I’m fleshing out right now). I’m in high school, about to go to college so my blender time will be limited to weekends. This the first of many, many scenes. The main thing deciding how long its giong to take is whether or not I’m going to ahve spoken dialogue. I would like to, but thats a lot of work. We’ll see :slight_smile: .

ok, another small update. Modelled a bit of the topside of the ceiling attachment.

I think i’m done with the hose clamp. The handle doesn’t really match and it doesn’t look that great but I doubt anyone will be able to see it, much less notice in the final.

The circle it’s suspended on, isn’t really round. If it’s meant to rotate on it, I guess it won’t rotate smoothly… But other than that, it’s looking pretty good.

BTW, can I see a wireframe of the hose-clamp? I’m just curious how you made it.