[Psychological Horror Game] Looking for Modelers, and Animators

Let me introduce you to project
The Way

In short - our MainCharacter is involved in car accident, looses consciousness and wakes up in a strange place, more like other world. There he must find a way to return to his home. On his journey he will discover strange things, find out about existence of many strange hostile entities, and meet a Guide who will help him.

Notable Features:

  • First Person Perspective
  • Includes RPG elements(gender choice, character dialogues etc.)
  • Non-linear walkthrough, which involves exploring through detailed levels and allows different level completion(e.g. go through vents and reach exit with no problem/try to sneak through corridor,since you weren’t able to find screwdriver or want more action).
  • and more

Who are we looking for:

  • People who are willing to make something new
  • Those with experience in making realistic models and/or environments

Our current goal?
Create 1st level which will serve a Demo for fundraising campaign and ensure development of the game until the end.

Here’s some Concept Art made for the game

No, it’s not Slender or something related to him.

Interested or have some questions? Feel free to contact me on
E-mail([email protected])

72 Views and not one response. Is Recruitment Sheet that bad?

The recruitment sheet is not the problem. It’s more the challenge !
The last game that made me feel that way was The Last Of Us. Where you feel what the characters are feeling, the immersion and the experiences. So it’s not really easy, and that scares people away.

But you should add more info about the art design, the “quality” (Photorealistic or just realistic looking) and the work like how many levels, is it story based with several characters and stuff.

Isn’t challenge a part of the fun?

Graphics are going to be realistic. It’ll have quite a few scenes, if you want to call it that way, but not levels - it’s more like walking a continuous path, then beating different segments. Plot will involve different characters, but most of the time it will be Player and Monsters.

Tell us more about what you excpect from the game, like how long should it be, do you already have the scripts or more detailed idea, perhaps also sounds and voice acting ? Will it be 1rst person or 3rd person, how big will the levels be (like if it’s just inside a building (like in “outlast”) or outside, with forests, or an abandonned city, or stuff like that.

It’s always better to describe and give an idea of the game so that people can juge if they are able to do help or not.

Game will be 10+ hours. I’ve got main idea and plot for the game, and there is going to be some voice acting required, but words need some polishing. It’s a first person game, where’ you’ll be able to see your legs. It’s mainly going to be inside different structures.

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One more thing I would say : For the character, you should force the player into the character. What I mean is that you should give the player no choice about the character he is playing. You make the player feel the character, not the player to be the character. The best is to do like in Alien Isolation. You play a girl/woman, give her a name, a pair of legs and arms, and a voice. It’s the best combination because it adds the feeling of vulnerability. I’m not sure what your plan for the story is, so perhaps it doesn’t match but, doing this, you give your game more content : let me explain. She can’t kill or attack, so you would have as a player to use your brain to defeat or not the “thing” (idk the story :stuck_out_tongue: ) or to pass this one part and stuff. Would it be a strong man, you could as well give him an assault rifle or a rocket launcher and finish the game by blasting trough the walls (Ok, I’m a bit exaggerating :smiley: ). But you got the idea.

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Looking for Character Modelers

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I’m a voice actor and would love to help if you need it! :slight_smile:

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