PT Cruiser - Update 2 11/18/04

Hi. I my current WIP is, as the topic suggests, a PT Cruiser. I am done pretty much with the modeling and have begun the texturing. I am running into problems and I am not sure how to fix them.

I am trying to get a photo-real car, but it looks…fake, like it was hit by a truck. The materials also seem out of wack. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


My cars are terrible so take what I say with a grain of salt. :stuck_out_tongue:

I realy like the door handles and wheels. I also like the materials. I think the problem is with the modeling and lighting. It looks more like a low poly game model. A good looking game model, but not a photo-real car. Subsurf may help. Please render a version with shadows. Shadows will give it a more photo-real look. An angled view of the car would be nice.

Good start! Keep it up.

Strange… Did you use a displacement map or something? It looks cool tho. But that’s my only explanation if you didn’t model it by purpose. And the windows look a bit “painted on” if you get my point. They need to be built in more. And the grooves of the doors go too far up. But overall a nice dented model :smiley:

EDIT: If you show us a wire we can see what’s the problem.

Looking great, love the material, shame about the GTA “I’m was looking at the radar” feel. If it wasn’t for that, it would be a cool looking car.

I’ve just updated my post on my first car. Theres a couple of wire renders, the link to the tutorial I used, and the .blend file. Hope this helps, I’ve just started cars myself.

Looking forward to seeing more from you!

erich - Thank you. It is actually not a low-poly car (~ 4,000 faces). Looking back, I really think I could have reduced that number, but oh well. It still renders relitively quickly, so it is not of much concern. I am still working on the materials, so maybe some hints?

4Daniel - Nope, no disp or bump maps. It is all modeled in. I agree about the window’s materials, so I will set them in more. Actually, I am using some reference shots I took, and the grooves do go up past the doors.

robdollar - Thank you. Your car is really cool. Strange I did not see it on the forum…

Here are those wire shots. I will work on the above and post it.

C&C of course. :smiley:


Great modelling, its just the mesh is a little too complex I think. If you have a run through that tute you’lll see what I mean. Try to keep it as basic as possible in all stages of the modelling.

Here is an update. I changed the window materials a little and in-set the windows a bit. I also changed the shadow thing to Ray Shadow :x . It really slows up the render, but it gets the results I am looking for.

C&C please. :smiley:


the modeling technique is good, but the wire is to complex and to messy. The side doors of the car are straight and flat, aren’t they? You should get in your wire as many polys shaped in rectangles as you can (of cours in percentage of all polys, the whole wire should be loose and clean).

Thank you, and I agree about how it is messy. I am on a time limit, so unfortunately I can not start back at square one. The side of the PT Cruiser if convex, it curves out. It is just so hard to get them all alligned. I feel like such a dunse, looking back I can think of a thousand and one ways I could of kept the mesh cleaner. :x


You should have a look at this tutorial by SpeedTiti :wink:

Update #2:

I straightened out the sides a little, fixed the tires, and changed the materials for the car body a little.


I forgot head and tail lights! (D’oh!)

Oh, well. That will be next.



Okay. I have decided to start fresh. I (as I said before) realize practically a billion-and-a-half ways I could have kept this mesh cleaner. I will be posting in a new topic in a few days when I have a good mesh going.

Until then… %|


ok, looking awesome mate , but isit me or would the door not open?

um… your car still looks a bit out of wack…

it looks like … it got hit by something…

and your mesh is bit messy…

but my cars are terrible… so I really shouldn’t be judging you…

work on your material…


Wow. I was not expecting more crits, but thank you anyway. :smiley: