I am working on my pterasaur again.

I haven’t gotten much done since i started again, but i remembered that the feet needed to be redone.

here are some wires:



I would really like to finish this model.

I am havig trouble on the wings…any suggestions?

I would also like to know if the topology is good or not.

ill post some more images if you want.

Yes, the feet do need to be redone, they look more like hands. In fact, you might want to redo the legs, since they look like arms. The legs of a pterasaur should be smaller and scrawnier and should emerge from the front, not the sides of the body. Some reference pics might help.


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i do have a very good reference of this exact species. i traced it in a way, because it’s kinda like a blueprint. (front, top, side)

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The modell looks nice but I think that I would need a render to decide if it’s good. You topology (Is that how it spells) seams a bit wierd at the back of the legs though.