Ptex builds?? Anyone?

I hope I’m posting this in the right category. Apologies, if not. I’ve been using a trial of 3D-Coat for a few days because I just wanted to use Ptex. Now I’m hooked on Ptex. But for various reasons, I can’t afford even the $99 for a student license, and BESIDES, I wanna be able to do this in Blender!!

There have been builds of Blender with Ptex on graphicall before, but none are being hosted right now.

Is anyone willing to compile a build with Nicholas Bishop’s Ptex patch and upload it to graphicall?

Im actually very curious what the plan for this patch is. Are we going to see ptex support for blender soon, or is this just an abandoned experiment? I read a rumor that it was on hold until bmesh is in, which makes sense, but ive heard nothing concrete as far as plans go. Does anyone know? Thanks!

Jason Wilkins plans on merging the Ptex stuff in his GSoC.

I think the GSoC projects are supposed to be merged into trunk at 2.6 later this year, but I might be mistaken on that.

oh, fuh realz?? i looked at all the GSoC charts and even the descriptions of the onion branch and didn’t see that anywhere! and there it is, wayyyy down at the bottom of that list! :smiley:

i personally wish it was higher priority (in the blender development community in general, i mean, not on this list - i’m not assuming that this is in order of priority) , cause as far as i’m concerned that’s an immensely beneficial feature, imho.