PTEX Support, Could this also be used for Cone tracing.

Hey peeps, Ive been trying to find as much info as possible about ways to realtime Pathtrace/Raytrace/Cone trace. Bits ive found that could help:

Open GL /GLSL voxel cone tracing code:…in-opengl-4-3/
If you go to the guys site i think he’s fixed a few issues and opend the full source as was onlt a test project in his eys’s

These guys are doing some Nice voxel realtime render test, have a chat:

This is an open source system to generate and raycast Sparse Voxel Octrees. SO is great for converting Poly mesh to voxel octree mesh

This is an real time sparse voxel octree renderer worth a look at:

This is a non-recursive voxel-based real-time raytracer in Python, OpenCL and OpenGL, with support for fish-eye/panoramic field-of-views, lighting (camera as the light source) and portals:

OpenGLinsights source: Some nice stuff in here, and cyrils voxel code should appear at some time soon as he said it would.

Free chapter from the book:

Interesting way of using vertex for point cloud GI/Reflections:
for some reason it wont link: search for this on google:
Point-Based Color Bleeding - Pixar Graphics Technologies

After looking at some of these things, with the introduction of OpenSubdiv, couldnt cone tracing data be included with Ptex textures and then surfaces built from open subdiv Patches which use the above paper from pixar of interpoating between vertex corners of a patch, if the difference isnt large then the whole patch can be evaluated or if the difference is to large the patch gets split and recursivly does the same to vertex corner points untill the interpolation is seen as close enough. Would this be able to use as an more effiecient realtime way with dynamic subdivision to voxel cone tracing, also theoreticly the base mesh wouldnt even need a poly mesh just a point cloud which the surface is generated on the fly by the GPU.

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