PTEX/ vector displacement demo, and appraisal of all sculpt packages.

Yeah yeah, I know that it’s only allowed to be posted in the News section if it’s a Project Durian report hand signed by Ton, and otherwise Blender users shan’t be exposed to “news” from the rest of the graphics industry, god forbid.

Now that that’s out of the way, watch this video. Yes it’s Mudbox, yes it’s Renderman, yes it’s Maya. However, it’s also the best description of PTEX and the best description of vector displacement I’ve seen yet. I think it shows off an ambitious future for Blender, especially with open source PTEX integration right around the corner.

Here’s what I think is funny.

3DCoat–their focus is on unlimited clay meshing and autoretopology tools for a reversed high-to-low workflow.

ZBrush–their focus is on the most extensive in-app sculpting suite. The ZBrush 4 demo makes it seem like a viable CAD replacement, and they’ve solidly addressed one of sculpting’s biggest flaws, hard surfaces.

Mudbox–their focus is on map-based technologies, especially with vector displacement and stuff. However, even though this vid is all about showing off their PTEX integration, they definitely song-and-dance around the PTEX integration actually being a proprietary tool as of yet that isn’t even included.

Mari–??? Arguably winning the PTEX war. Otherwise, too new/never-used for me to evaluate objectively.

Blender–Heart’s in the right place. Currently the focus IMHO is getting it to a usability/output state that can compete, which we’re succeeding on. Also catching up in the race, getting tools like unlimited clay, that ZSphere-esque thingy and PTEX integration soon after if not earlier than commercial packages. Biggest strength is that it’s in a native 3D package that you use for rendering and animating too. Good job devs!


Nicholas has pulled some serious mad skills coding on the sculpt and then just tossed in PTex! but’ it’s not fully implemented yet? the I/O is missing.

outputting PTExtures, and input.

I hate the fact that disney guys 4 yr old machine, has 8 cores.

It’s always nice when you see a big studio like Pixar using hacks to get around a problem.

Anyway, I was very impressed with the demo, not really the Mudbox features, more so with the Ptex displacement and AO viewers, I guess Blender would have that natively.

Regardless of applications, the future for artists is looking incredible, we are spoilt for choice.