Pub scene updated 16/4/06

My latest work, what do you think?

thanks for looking

Nice textures.

The shadows in the scene could be darker to match the shadows seen in the wood texture.

It looks pretty good so far.

Here is what I would do to improve it:

1. Give the glass/beer some refraction.

2. Make the cigarette ash (the lit one) shorter, and the smoke more wispy (shape & transparency).

3. Change the table texture . . . this one looks more like an outdoor picnic table than one that you’d find in a pub.

Otherwise, you just need to work on the lighting. As it is, the image looks a little flat.

Thanks for your replies

1:- I have given the beer glass an IOR of 1.52 & the beer I gave the IOR of water at room temp 1.33. I’ll increase them see how they look.

2 & 3:- Yep I agree.

Maybe your refraction settings aren’t giving the correct results because the glass is too thin. Does the mesh have actual ‘thickness’? If not, giving it some would probably make the effect more convincing.

what are your settling on the beer cause it looks pretty good and how did you get the bubbles in there are those a textyure or is it modelled? looking good by the way

Cire:- There is thickness to the glass, I’ll try increasing it. I was using the ZTransp setting as the Ray Transp wasn’t giving me the desired effect, it was messing up the beer and bubble material settings, also some weird artifacts on the glass (black areas). I will experiment some more later on today. Thanks for your input.

1618:- Thanks, the bubbles are a single sphere dupliverted to a circle mesh emiter,

Hope you can read it.

There’s probably no need to increase the glass’ thickness. For refraction to work, you do need to use RayTransp. To fix the problems in rendering, increase the depth setting under RayTransp.

Some artifacts may be caused by any overlapping of the glass & beer meshes.

BTW: Keep in mind that a high increase of depth may be needed to get the correct refraction, and this will increase the render time. The reason such a high depth level would be needed is that you have a solid refractive object inside of another solid refractive object . . . with a total of six walls for light to be distorted by as it passes through:

_____ < glass


_____ < glass

I’d have gone for the salt&pepper kettle chips . . .

Thanks Cire, it’s looking better already

Small update, left out the smoke still playing will different techiques,
C&C’s welcome

Thanks for looking

That looks much better. It’ll look even better with smoke.

Thanks mindblender, I’m toying with the idea of doing the smoke postpro, we’ll see.