Public Appology (My Shame)

(Bapsis) #1

Greetings all,

I’m kind of in a tight place here. I would LOVE to donate a few bucks to the FBF, and even more so i would LOVE to have a Membership. I’m currently unemployed and living by the good grace of my family, this computer i use to work with blender isnt even mine.
I have asked both my parents and grandparents, even my sister, if any of them had like $10-$20 i could “borrow” to donate, and i guess times are tough for everyone in my family right now because none of them could lend it to me.
I feel really bad about my inability to donate towards what i feel is a VERY worthwhile cause. I guess im going to have to be one of the deadbeats that the rest of the paying community will have to support.
If i were working, or had access to money, i most definatly would send what i could.
I think that there are quite a few like me in the community right now, unemployed, most likley living with relatives and hopeing that all the hours spent Blending will eventually pay off in a 3D related job.
I sincerly appologse to both the community and Ton, Blender has been very good to me, so has this community, so for now i will hang my head in shame.


Blend on, and blend well!!!

(BgDM) #2

Hey man, nothing to be ashamed about, and don’t feel sorry. When you get a job, and when things get better, then you can do this. Even after Blender goes open source. The Foundation will still be there and you can become a member later for the $50 US, ($1,000,000 Cdn. :wink: , for us Canucks). This will help to ensure that the foundation stays up and running.

Put a smile on your face and keep on blending!!


(IngieBee) #3

I wish Ton haddn’t said what he did a while back. He’s only human (really?) yah, I think he is. Anyway, I know he wasn’t thinking of people like yourself when he was talking about people unwilling to donate for the cause. He was thinking of those who just won’t. There are a whole lot of people around the world who are lucky to have a computer, that are with us, I’m sure, and can’t pay into the fund. We still need their talent, and their non-financial support. That’s where, I think, Ton goofed. He was more irritated with the attitude of a few other people. My opinion, is that even those people are entitled to their opinion. Hopefully they will contribute another way (beautiful work which advertises Blender’s abilities? or coding, eventually?) So do us a favor, keep blending, tell your friends about Blender, and cross your fingers that we make it :slight_smile:

Love Ingie

(Dittohead) #4

Blender is only a material possesion and is not something as important as your welfare. Keep that in mind.

Sad to hear about yer perdicament.

what’s with my slang this mornin’?

(CubeFan973) #5

I’m a minor and can’t get a job! I’m never going to be able to donate $50 unless my parents are considerate enough to donate it.

I have a feeling that they won’t donate (when I mentioned that it would go open-source, they got confused about what open source was).

The other way wouldn’t be very good, either, because it would make people go, “If that’s what Blender can do, it’s not a worthy cause.” This is because I’m too imaginative–thus, I get an idea, then save the blend and start the next one, then I save it and go the next, and so forth. I never invest enough time in the blends!

(Goo) #6

If you don’t have a job and you feel bad about not being able to donate the 50 bucks you could try and do some odd jobs to raise the money. It’ll take me a while becuase I’ve got a bit of debt now, I’ll be in Mexico for a week and that’s expensive, and my only job is the janitor at my Dad’s business. If you know you can donate, just not when, send Ton a letter of intent. That’s what I’m going to end up doing.


(dickie) #7

I sincerly appologse to both the community and Ton, Blender has been very good to me, so has this community, so for now i will hang my head in shame.

I totally agrre with what everyone has said mate.
you’re a person, a human being, and your worth goes far beyond
your ability to donate to the Blender Fund.

(IngieBee) #8

Also, I donate mostly so kids like you CAN play with Blender. I would feel really great, if you and all the kids and adults, who may not be able to pay into the fund, continue to learn (C++ preferable :stuck_out_tongue: ) and experiment and enjoy this great little program. That’s what this is all about. Don’t feel bad about things you have no control over. When it’s been free’d, I hope you enjoy whole heartly, and in the future, when things are better, you can do something nice for someone else (or Blender since it will now be around forever)

Be happy folks!!! :smiley: It will happen, Ton will get us help next week, I know it!!!

Love ya all!!! Ingie

My cheeks really hurt, :stuck_out_tongue:

(Timonides) #9

Hello Bapsis!!! :smiley:

Nothing do be ashamed for.

There might be others WHO DO AFFORD to pay the 50 EU, but will never donate them. And they remain silent.

At least you had the courage to go out in the open and speak about your inability to contribute. I don’t think that you have to worry.

I personally admire you for your sincerity!!!

(Bapsis) #10

Hey guyz,
Thanks for the kind words of reasurance. I will definatly keep blending and spreading the word and whatever else i can do to help keep blender alive, and if i do come across a few spare bucks i will definatly donate.
I really do wish Ton the best of luck, all the work he is doing for us just proves what a beautiful person he is, i just wish i could give more support.
Who knows tho, maybe one day i will have a “blender studio” and be able to hire fellow blenderheads so we can prove to the world through awesome animations just how worth while Blender is. :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

(cree) #11

Bapsis, I am pretty much in the same boat as you are; however, I am expecting an income tax refund from uncle Jean Chretien soon. I was planning to make a donation, mind you, it won’t be much, but it’s better than nothing. Would it make you feel better if I put your name along side mine when I send the postal money order? I know it’s symbolic, but I am willing to do something to make you feel better about using the program and not being able to make a donation. You can pay me back when you are doing oscar winning blender films in your studio in Vancouver by giving me a job as your art director. Ciao

(Bapsis) #12

Thank you for that awesome offer, but i wouldn’t fell right accepting it. I do appreciate it greatly, and if i do wind up with a studio, we’ll talk. :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

(cree) #13

Sometimes, you can only give with your heart because there’s nothing in your wallet. It’s the thought that counts. In that respect, you gave your share, so don’t worry about money. Now concentrate on your other needs. Devote your energy to creativity, take care of yourself, and chin up. Take care dude.

(joecool) #14

we are in the same boat…:wink:
how do you donate without a CREDIT CARD!?