Public Domain Images

Anybody know where I could find a public domain picture of a Chrysanthemum?

I was thinking that perhaps in addition to the texture fest there should be a sticky thread with links to resources like this. I don’t mean those crappy clipart sites either. I’m talking about links to good quality, free, public domain images. They’re useful for web design because its nice to have a random image to put up and not have to worry about being nabbed for it.

(And yes…people do get “nabbed.” I’ve seen it happen.)




Here’s one for you

If you use the maps in ANY commercial images/Animation I would like to see the final product.
I will not charge any money for use of the maps, so don’t be worried about that!!

You can use any of those images as much as you want essentially. That quote is pretty stupid because all of the pictures are just from NASA and the USGS which means they’re free to begin with. You typically should mention the source when using government images, but they’re public domain so I don’t see how this guy can say, “Don’t worry I won’t charge you but you CANNOT redistribute these!!!” as if they’re his. <- the pics themselves arent that good, but they have a few good links.

DeSoto, I wonder if maybe he processed them into panoramic images, or if he just downloaded them. If he did just download them, he is a real knob.