Public Eye Soar Kitty Pinball Challenge (2018)

Hello Blender Gamers!
YOU are formally invited to participate in the 2018 Public Eye Soar Kitty Pinball Challenge !

Take this goofy giant-size projected pinball game I built, futz with it, mash it up, make it even more insaner than it already is, send it back to us, our festival audience will play and vote for their favorite Kitty Pinball creator. Your creation could be the world-famous Kitty Pinball Challenge Grand Champion!!

The Kitty Pinball Challenge will take place over two nights during the Public Eye Soar Projection Festival, held November 9 / 10 in Panama City, FL USA ( )

Kitty Pinball will be projected on a 60-ish foot wide building and playable live by our attendees. Our giant pinball machine has been incredibly popular over the last four years, and has been enjoyed by hundreds of kids and kids-at-heart.

The creator of the audience’s favorite Kitty Pinball Version will win: Undying love and gratitude, world-wide fame and acclaim, and a limited edition “I Helped Create A Public Eye Soar” t shirt.

You can download the starter project and supporting files here: (2.79 Mac or PC) All instructions are in the .blend file

Here is a video showing you the current state of Kitty Pinball (sorry - sound FX did not make it into the video)

Public Eye Soar Projection Festival website

Deadline for return of .blend files is October 20
All sound FX, supporting images should be packed in the .blend file
Game playback will be from a PC in Blender 2.79

Cats with Lasers in space?
Cats with Fish and Rats in Borneo?
Phish with Cat Lasers???
Purple cats from the planet Phish???

Show us your power!! Break our brain!!

and thank YOU for helping create a Public Eye Soar!!