Public Gallery

Hey guys.

if anyone can make a Front page design for a public gallery hub, that has the ability to have a template added for links to other gallerys then it would be ultra appreciated.

you see i have currently been running the Public gallery for blender users.

but there is another website run by Bulletdodga that has a gallery running the same software on it

basicly i am wanting to host a “Front Page” that serves as a hub to any webspace that people can offer for a public gallery for image uplaoding.

my bandwidth has always been pushed to a limit (especially with Blender Battles) and i cannot afford to pay for more, IMo the best way to get around this is to reduce the pressue on individual locations for image hosting.

i had done a simple and very crappy Frameset that would work for both Bulletdodgas and my gallery.

but its very very ulgy and such.

it would be very much appreciated if someone could create a basic design that look stylish, and links to other gallerys. some kind of logo for it which would be published at and be placed at the top corner of the site, perhaps some photos or somthing.

maybe a black background, with some links to individual sites, a link to a “tutorial on setting up your own gallery and submitting to the list”

thats about all it needs.

whoever designs it will have their name on the page and stuff.

also it can be done in anything from Php- html - shtml… (as long as it is robust on all platforms).

thanks to whomever steps up and does it. i simply don’t have enough time unfortunatly.


Good idea. I’ll see what I can find time for.