Public Hospital Bathroom


I like the composition and the lights, however the look water on the floor does not convince me… It looks “too thick” :-/

i totally agree with you i found out that the solidify modifier was set to default values which is not correct for the water so i took it down really hard this is what i got now

hi Bassem,
nice work! regarding the water on the floor you might get better results when using a material node instead of geometry. the following tutorial by andrew price will improve your work, it helped my a lot:

I really like the idea and the mood of your image. It would be even better with mirrors above the sinks.

I am really glad that you like the idea and the mood as for the water on the ground i did watch the tutorial by Andrew Price and i found that its more easy when its geometry for me its more control, i would like to put mirrors but i cant’t it wouldn’t be accurate since the public bathrooms tend to be a bit dull and not so fancy .

I really like the environment. I’d remove the water though. Water is usually clear and there seems to be way too much for it to be realistic. The lighting is my favorite, by far.

I admit that i added a bit more water than the original image thought it would make it better but as i look at it i clearly see that its unrealistic, i will make some modifications and post the results soon

The lighting in this truly is brilliant! just goes to show how much a simple light scenario can achieve such powerful punchy image. Looking forward to seeing the water fixed, as it looks bit like mercury at the moment:D … (smaller depth; less reflective; more ‘detail’ in puddle edges which should ‘fade’ into floor/i.e get less and less ‘wet’ as the material approaches its edges, due to lack of crevices in floor (as thats the only way you’d get puddles in first place)…can always go more and more detailed

  • but great work so far!!!

so i did what you guys mentioned and here is my result

i used the node based materials as Karl mentioned from the Andrew Price tutorial, hope you guys like it :slight_smile: