I’m wondering if it is some way to publish a game so that people can download it as a exe format and play without having blender or anyting like that

The add-on should work in Windows, Linux and OS X. Windows and Linux I test, but I don’t have a Mac to test the add-on on OS X. As for DLLs, when used in Windows, the add-on has an option to copy the necessary DLLs for you. And on any platform, it can copy the necessary files to bundle Python.

does the gpl mean you cant charge for your game then?

no you can charge, it just means you have to accredit blender for any usage in it

it just means you have to accredit blender for any usage in it
Correction: using the GPL means that you are required to release the source code (in this case, the blend file).

However, (like agoose77 and moose said) you can still sell your game under the GPL. If the GPL is a problem, look here or here.

ok but then anyone could change something miner in the blend file and sell it as there own game?

@mrn - Yes, I believe that’s the case, though I am not fluent in licensing / law.

I think that the best solution is to keep the actual game file external to the executable (which gets the GPL licensing, not your game), and package both the blend file and a ‘startup’ executable (that loads the actual game Blend file) together when you want to sell / distribute your game. You can then encrypt and decrypt the blend file when necessary to play the game.

Or you can use C-106 Delta’s BPPlayer, which looks like it’s going to come along nicely now that progress has restarted. The BPPlayer bypasses the GPL licensing a certain way, but keeps your blend file snugly wrapped in an executable. LOL - Keep going, C-106 - it’s a good project.