published games partial maked with Blender!

(endi) #1

I work in game developing, and we have two games where we use Blender:

  1. Jimmy Neutron (Game Boy Advance): in multiplayer race the animated backgrounds maked with Blender.

  2. Jimmy Neutron 2 (Game Boy Advance): all levels maked with Blender (not modelling objects, only level excluders, enemies placing and setting parameters, object placing, powerup placing etc. Our Python script exports the datas to C source code.

If you can, look this games (Publisher: THQ).

(OTO) #2

They’ll help :slight_smile:

(CGI FAN) #3

Hey can you put the Python script free on elysiun??? :o

I guess many people would be happy to have such a script :smiley:

(endi) #4

You can’t use our script, I think…

(wiensta) #5

ha! my sister has that game for GBA!

whoda thunkit!

(jordanH) #6

No offense but the past tense of “make” is “made” in English. I feel bad telling you this when I don’t speak Hungarian though

(paradox) #7

Great news Thanks for sharing with us. It is nice to see the different ways that Blender is being used.


(valarking) #8

you forgot a comma after No offense, english professor.

(endi) #9

Yes, my engish is bad. Somebody correct the topic title!

(rwv01) #10

Your english is way better than my spanish!

I havn’t seen the game but I loved the move, Jimmy Neutron!

What improvments would you like to have in Blender?

(stephen2002) #11

that is pretty neat, can you post some screen shots?

(endi) #12

Sorry, I can’t give screenshots, because the game is not published yet.

(endi) #13

But… :slight_smile: This is a review of Jimmy 1:

But no screens from multiplayer. :frowning:

If somebody can link pictures into this forum, I can send multiplayer (maked with Blender) screenshots!

And the end of the year, the Jimmy 2 coming out (USA), and I can post screenshots.

(endi) #14

Hey, this is the cover of our game:

Released on September 27, 2002!

For this game we used Blender (level-editing).

(endi) #15

Here you can download our game:
(the title of our game is: Jimmy Neutron vs. Jimmy Negatron)

Do not forget: illegal to use this game, you need to buy the original version!!! :wink: So delete the file after one day and go to the shop! :slight_smile:

And here you can find a GBA emulator:

In the credits, you can find: "Special thanks to Blender3D,! :slight_smile:

(Waffler) #16

Wow, endi. I hope you don’t get yourself into trouble by telling us about all this … especailly the emulated version.

(Bapsis) #17

You forgot to capitalize the first letter in your sentance, english professor. :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

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I don’t know how this evolved into a dispute about grammar and spelling, but…you spelled “sentence” wrong, champion of the spelling bee.

(Bapsis) #19


Now let’s see if someone can find a mistake in your post, yay!!! hehe :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

(endi) #20

I think, this is legal to use the ROM in a pc emulator, if you have the original version. So buy the original version. :slight_smile:
(That is not an “emulated version”, that is the original version.)