Publisher 2.25 problem

(timber5) #1

Just before nan shut down there website i downloaded publisher 2.25, I tried to install it but got an error message. something about not recognizing the zip file. Can anyone tell me how i can get a copy of the publisher 2.25:(

(Green) #2

you cannt

(Phrangkk) #3

Check the file name, sometimes there are extra periods or spaces in a name that will confuse WinZip.
That has happened to me with several version of Blender.
Good Luck, You Lucky *%&@ &%, with your 2.25 version, you and your Booleans!

(dickie) #4

you could try a different zip utility…
do a searcha at and you might
find a better one.

(Phrangkk) #5

If you wanted to send the file to me, I could try to open it for you.
You know, to help you.

(timber5) #6

I tried to open the files under three different zip utility programs stuffit, winzip, and powerex etc. and it did actually extract in the stuffit program but it extracted to another zip file. When i tried to extract from that file i got an error message saying that there was something wrong with the file and that i should download it again.

what makes this so sad is that i downloaded several copies of publisher 25 (zip, exe and the mac version) and none of them work .

(Phrangkk) #7

Im adding more posts so I can upgrade my status without real participation in the forums!

(cohort) #8

Blender Publisher 2.25 is available on’s downloads page