Publisher 2.25 Python doc (most I think)

(acasto) #1

Ok, I found the script, but when I run it, it says that _Blender is not a variable. This _Blender of couse is coming from the Blender modules. (when you do a print dir(Blender) is shows)

Anyone have an updated documentation geneartor script or know a fix for this one.

The link is to the current script

(acasto) #2


I figured it out. Logic rules.

It would work when I would specifically specify it. But not on it’s own, it was saying it wasn’t a variable. So I tried to specifically import it like ‘import _Blender’ and that worked but then stopped on builtin. So I just added the line:
from Blender import _Blender, builtin
and it worked fine.
Heres the docs for Publisher 2.25

Let me know if somethings not right. It was my first time doing any code but HTML. Some may be missing because the script ran the _Blender module which seems to have many of the same submodules as Blender, so I cleaned it up a bit. I do believe some commands such as Get from the main Blender module is missing, I’ll will hopefully get these in the page ASAP.