Publisher exe's

(sp) #1

I’m brand new to the Game Engine side of Blender and new to 2.25 and all it’s new options. Anyone know how to create the nifty little standalone players in the format of exe? Much appreciated in advance.

(rossowen_uk) #2

As far as i know, you just save as a ‘runtime’ from the file menu, and you get a .exe with the blender icon (don’t think you can officially change this, but somebody must have made something…)

you can set ‘runtime options’ such as the .exe’s playing window size, or set it full screen and change sound options from the file menu also

Dunno what the ‘dynamic runtime’ button does tho - tends to crash my system after complaining about missing files!

(phrog) #3

My runtime would not save. It said there was no runtime!
Very strange, as it worked when I pressed p

(sp) #4

Thanks, I’ll have to give it try.

I’m liking this whole 2.25 release. I’m not one to complain (And Still Not) Free is Free , but from time to time I’ll check my console window for whatever reason and their is just a whole list of issues or problems Publisher had during my Blending time. Weird enough it never crashed just a bit sluggish at times. So my system would probably crash clicking the “dynamic runtime” button as well. Anyhow thanks for the info.

(sp) #5

The Windows runtime comes in two versions. The normal runtime will be distributable as a single
file which will run out of the box. The dynamic runtime will enable you to add your own Python
extensions but you’ll need to distribute the Python DLL as well. Use the dynamic runtime if you want to use aditional Python extensions but it requires that your distribution comes on a CD or with a
custom installer.

I found the Publisher pdf doc here incase anyones interested…

(xintoc) #6

I’m not a newbie to blender, but I have a problem.
When I run the exe done by publisher, Then to apply the mouse is
Ctrl+F3, my problem is that I applied the mouse ‘once’ and now everytime
I open the exe the mouse is applied, I need to know how to un apply the