Publisher game speed looking good!

(Rob) #1

I have just down loaded Publisher. And saved a run time version of a game I down loaded a while ago, and the game ran at a reasonable speed on my windoz lap top box! It not geat card (Trident CyberBlade i1 AGP). Games in 2.23 were a waste of time. It is not lightening fast but I can now play Blender games. Fantastic!

I guess you all know this, well now I am enlightened.


(saluk) #2

Wow, sounds like a really good speed increase. Go blender!

(sara) #3

so so… is it true?

yo can make a .EXE???

(Ben) #4

-Yes it’s true.Many games I that can’t run with no more of 10 FPS seem to be normal after saved as exe.

(hiachi) #5

i may sound stupid, but where did you download publisher around this time in NaN’s financial state?

(saluk) #6

Hiachi, they put up a publisher download on the blender site for members of the blender foundation: 50 dollars to become a member and support blender’s transformation into an open source project.

(hiachi) #7

OMG thats all? wow i dont have $50 dollars though. but if i did i would love to give it to help blender get better!

(Pooba) #8

I want to support!! But this comp couldn’t handle blender, it’s a crappy laptop.

1 week without blender… don’t know if i can handle another one…