Publisher Key Warez

(Timothy) #1


NaN is still the legal owner of publisher and Blender is still copyrighted to them.

In no way should anyone try and get a warez copy of publisher or provide one.

I’ve deleted the topic about this and hope not to see anyone asking for this again because personally I find it a crime.

Hope everyone can agree with me,

Timothy Kanters

(Poju) #2

Maybe jus lock on them and statement why it’s locked so dickheads know what and why

(Timothy) #3

this board doesn’t allow locking,…

will probably install a updated version soon (once it’s out, and has a conversion utility)

(paradox) #4

I have to agree with you on this warz is an insult to NAN and to the ones who did buy Publisher.


([email protected]) #5

I agree,
good show, Kib_Tph


(DAK) #6

I have seen publisher copied about the net more than one time already. I am still sticking with 2.23 however. Perhaps now you realize that it was not so hot to keep maya and 3dsmax on your drives too, especialy admitting the fact.

(dickie) #7

Right on.

I bought a Publisher License
and agree totally that warezing
it off is just a fat slap in the groin
to Ton, Zycho, and all the others that
busted so much butt to get it (and
all the free upgrades to 2.23) to us.


(Pablosbrain) #8

Warezing it wont help NaN or Blender recover… It will only lessen the value of the Publisher license. Which right now is quite high in my opinion. As I can, as a licensed Publisher owner, create executables and lock, sign and compress my blend files. And also having the upgrades in 2.24 and 2.25. A great benefit worth keeping.

(overextrude) #9

Agreed. As much as I am at odds with NaN’s m.o., I would never advocate copying or distributing versions that require a license. It’s just not cool.

(blengine) #10

hey, quit deltin my responses, it was legit…too legit…hah…anyway, to recap my reply that was deleted…
only respectable programs are pirated such as maya and max, therefore, isnt blender good enough to pirate? alot of u would say no… i wouldnt hesitate to get my hands on pirated publisher…why waste my life earning money to get somehting when i could get it for free…i mean, i could die tomorrow trying to earn money for something, or safely sit at home with a free version…i dont plan on making money with pirated software, so ack!!! dont judge me, i like free stuff who the hell doesnt, and now its not like im hurting the company now am i? its bankrupt for now…if nan was still around i wouldnt agree with warez cause its a struggling company, but its not around, ack!!!

when nan does come back, ive got the money saved and will buy publisher, until then, i want a damn copy to exe some games…

(DAK) #11

It is wrong. Pirating lightwave or 3dsmax or maya is wrong too.

(haunt_house) #12

I also like free stuff, but Publisher isn´t free. And Ton and the others ARE NOT DEAD. I don´t judge you, but see it that way. If you put a hell of a lot of work into something and you try to live on it, and someone else distributes it for free… wouldn´t you be angry, too?

It is complicated with software, because it can be copied easily, but they spent their time on this. So please don´t help to make it worthless. Time is very valuable. And it doesn´t disappear with bankruptcy. Blender and the spirit behind it is TOO respectable to be pirated.

the Copyright is very important to all, who create something. Please don´t help violating it.

(blengine) #13

“It is wrong. Pirating lightwave or 3dsmax or maya is wrong too.”

who said it was right? who says whats right and wrong anyways… maybe its a matter of opinion, to which we are all entitled to one…ack!

“If you put a hell of a lot of work into something and you try to live on it, and someone else distributes it for free… wouldn´t you be angry, too?”

no cause i wouldnt care, and the only way id put alot of work into something, is so people can get it for free… like music, some bands encourage we steal or pirate their stuff, no seriously, they do, cause corporate and america(and beyond) is heartless…

as for blenders business, its dead for now, not forever… if a guy slips into a coma on a street, wouldnt u take his pocket watch??? hahahahah im so just kidding about that, haha…seriously, it was a joke, calm down… put down the knife! aaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!! …go away

(haunt_house) #14

sorry, I am giving up

you´re right

blame everyone as you wish

And don´t pay for everything

I´m definitely out

last quote: I´d call an ambulance and try to do first aid. So that I can keep a little dignity…

(blengine) #15

blame everyone for what and why? lol what r u talking about dude

(S68) #16

Topic is going (again) towards Warezing stuff, so I locked it. Kib will get the final decision here