Publisher Plugin Question

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I just started playing around with Publisher and created a simple scene. A light, a sphere, a plane and of coarse the camera. I did the necessary html code to launch it to the web and after the preloader dies and the content loads into view the sphere and plane looked washed out. I have decreased the lamp value and it still didnt correct the problem. The url is if someone could help me with this I’d appreciate it much. Thanks ahead.


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The Plugin displays the same scene that you will see if you press the 'P" Key to start Game engine in Blender. To display colors, light, textures, in the game engine you need to use Vertex coloring, UV texture mapping and other techniques to enhance your object otherwise it will just appear white. Check, I believe you will find some tutorails there about game blender which will show you how to add color and light to your objects for display in the plugin.

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mthoenes I really appreciate the help. I think Publisher is going to be a pretty neat ride once I get the Plugin part figured out. I wasnt aware they relied on Vertex colors. It makes since since you mentioned it though. :slight_smile: Thanks I’m off to ingiebee.

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This is probably a dumb question but is there anyway of making a radiosity scene work?