publisher runtime framerates

(rossowen_uk) #1

Anyone know any tweaks on how to increase the framerate on .exe files created with publisher? They turn out really slow on my 500mhz PC which is a real bummer cos I have to shrink em’ to a tiny resolution. (these are real simple programs like walking around a textured box!)

(Riskbreaker) #2

If your using UV mapping…make your uv maps resolution 256 X 256 (or whatever ratio size eg. 512 X 352 would be 256 X 176…i think…)

I dont know if that helps with speed, but its worth a shot, right? :wink:

Also, I’ve been told that mist effect can speed up framerate (by turning down the clip end of the camera)

i know what it feels like to try and squeeze your own machine for more power, good luck :slight_smile: