(Mark62756) #1

where do i get blender publisher?

(ndnchief) #2

Do you have Blender Publisher?

(gargola) #3

you need Blender Publisher. :smiley:

(Skanime) #4

He asks where to get blender publisher and you tell him he needs blender publisher. So he has to find blender publisher to get blender publisher.

I thought I heard something about having to be a member to download it, which requires a $50 donation.

Maybe someone more knowledgable cen actually give you and answer instead of repeating what you said.

(Pooba) #5

To get Blender Publisher you have to donate $50 dollars to Blender Organization. Publisher lets you create executables.

If you don’t want to spend money, you can wait until NAN gets 100k euros and get Blender Creator 2.25, which doesn’t have the exe creation thing.


(Skanime) #6

Why do games made with blender run so slow? I downloaded Alley Fighter and it runs at less than 2 fps. If games will always run like that, then our cyberpunk multiplayer game is doomed. We couldn’t even make it single player and make it run descent, considering it is a lot more extensive than 2 people fighting in a small room. Just wondering, is it actually worth making our game with blender or should we look somewhere else?

(joecool) #7

I never had that problem with alley fighter.

(gargola) #8

some of my games run slow,but not alley fighter.i don’t seem to have problems with alley fighter and i have a card with only 8 mb.

(Skanime) #9

My card’s got 32MB. That’s just odd. Hmm… anyone have a clue?

(saluk) #10

Yeah that’s very odd. What card are you using exactly? Do you have the latest drivers? What operating system (if it’s windows xp, turn off the mouse shadow)?

It could be that published games run slow on your system, but regular blend files don’t (thats the case with my laptop).

32 meg card should be PLENTY.

(lizard809) #11

I’m running with 32 MEG card and it runs great. I think you just need the latest drivers for your video card.

(Skanime) #12

I have Geforce2. Both published and unpublished games runb like crap. I use xp, but they ran bad back when I had 98. How do I turn off mouse shadow?

And anyone know how to get new drivers?

(Pooba) #13

To get new drivers go to the card’s manufacture’s site (in the geoforce’s case, Then you should be able to find your card, probably in the support place, or just search for drivers.


(nerddogs) #14

Do those games require the python path to be set? I have a ATI all in wonder 128 pro but only 400 mhz with 256 megs and have no problem with blender’s games.