Publishing long animations best host and format?

Hi all
I am currently working on a 20 minute + animated film with sound which I will eventually want to publish for the world to see!! :smiley:
Whatever I do the film is going to be a big file and I would prefer not to break it up into too many chunks
I was wondering if anyone had any tips on who to host it with and the best format to create it in?

I’ve experimented a bit myself but I was wondering if anyone has any tips
I’ve looked at free hosting on youtube and Google:
Youtube appears to have a 100mb upload limit - for free users anyway!
Google video does’t have this limit but both Youtube and Google reduce video quality considerably

There are so many formats available I don’t really know where to start
I am creating the animations at 100% size in XVID High def format and then adding the sound and reducing the quality in virtualdub to get a reasonable size/quality of file

The best i’ve seen (having tried a few and not sure what half the settings mean :spin:) is:
XVID MP4 codex with High Def profile , Encoding Type single Pass and Target Quantizer of 5 appears ok and I can get about 10minutes of 50% size video into 100mb of file
Target Quantizer of 1 is much better quality but twice the file space

anyone any tips

vimeo maybe ?

I’d google for “video forums”, I was at one a few months ago, …don’t remember the link sorry, … as there are “video geeks” who can probably offer some info.

Try posting at Cgtalk, HighEnd3d.

And if you are going to produce a significant project like this, especially if your looking to get this into film festivals, ( have animation studios look at it ?), etc , I would suggest putting up a “proper” web site for it, (i.e. paying for the space/bandwith you need) where you can offer streaming and downloadable formats, and where you can create a professional presentation. That may or may not be “over kill”, depending on your plans.

Mike is a site with info on any and all options you could dream of.

I think you’re heading in the right direction… I’ve got a couple of additional thots: consider quicktime as an option, particularly if you do get your own hosting space & bandwidth. If you can find a good H.264 MP4 codec within a MOV container, this usually does pretty well over the web. A great tool for this that I’ve only learned of recently is MPEG-Streamclip. Its much like VirtualDub, but for quicktime/MPEG-2.

Your other alternative is to go the flash route (encoding & hosting it yourself - altho does a great job of this, too.) While its always best to actually purchase flash, much can be done with free tools in this area. Look for the other flash video threads in this forum category for all the info.

You can always use bittorrent to distribute a high resolution version. Basically provide a lowres version for one of the video sites and post a torrent for getting it into the net. Once you have the torrent in the network it should spread by itself.