Puddle - BI

After getting tired of Cycles, I decided to do something on BI for once, since it’s going to be ditched, eventually. Maybe this is acheivable in Cycles, but I didn’t try it.

Basically, it’s loosely based off a tutorial I read a long time ago, that is Andrew Price’s "Puddle’ tutorial. Link : http://www.blenderguru.com/how-to-make-puddles/

So here is my attempt or rather, my attempt at reviving BI (in my heart anyways, as I had given up on it :p).




swaschan :ba:

Man, thats beautiful! In my opinion it looks much better than the tutorial result!

Thanks a lot, mate!

Try setting it as your wallpaper. Then you’ll see what I mean…

I agree, quite a beautiful image for something so simple as a puddle of water. I’ve never tried the tutorial, what is it that’s lighting your scene? Is it the image texture we see in the reflections itself, or did you also setup colored lights?

IMO the only things are missing here are some feets walking and a disp to the ground.

Coloured lights, to be sure :D.
I’m working on a Cycles version.

And yeah, disp. and feet should be no prob.

DISPLACEMENT : http://www.pasteall.org/pic/show.php?id=44356


The Cycles version was a disaster.

It’s clear that BI can do something like that, and with good results too, the only thing is the fact that it might be a little trickier to do because unlike Cycles, you can’t control things like the roughness of a reflection and other raytraced effects with a texture. (you need to do a material mix with nodes instead).

Nice attempt though.

Gloss > Amount > less than 1 is the roughness under the Mirror options. :smiley:

Nice puddle swaschan! :smiley:

Thanks, all of you guys! Appreciate it…

Yeah even if they do discontinue it I think BI still has loads to offer. Renders like this prove the value that it still has!!

“I can clarify that BI dev has stopped, but there is no plans to remove the engine as it is still very useful.
Although it is open for anyone else to pick up development on the engine.”
That is a response on my dining room feature at BlenderCookie by Alex Telford.

It seems I can never get into features.

However, if BI can still be developed…"“twirls virtual mustache”"


Hmm, should I do anything at all to the puddle? Add Gollum’s preeeciious (LOTR, ftw), for example?

Looks fine as it is :smiley:

It’s true, it looks much better than the one in the tutorial. Well done.

Thank you all so much…Now, who wants a virtual cookie…anyone?

brilliant render. One little point though: I find it odd the way that there is one big puddle and all the other puddles are tiny or non existent. A sudden large indentation in the pavement seem a little unrealistic. Otherwise I agree with the above: You have blown away even Andrew Price’s old tutorial.

Looks pretty cool, if you add a bit of displacement map to it it will be perfect! i love that tutorial but its kinda old, try re rendering the same thing using the method of newly posted tutorial, by Andy on adding bumps in Cycles. . .