Puff1 and Puff2

introducing Puff1 and Puff2 :smiley:


A very simple render, but I must say, you’ve got the particles down better than I do.

Now, the only crit I have is that you should have the particles go right to the eyes, not stop and have that space around the eyes with no hair, and also, maybe add some arms + legs and then an anim would be cool.

i couldn’t get the hair any closer to the eyes because the hair starts to go through them :expressionless: .

Have a look at deflectors. That will help with the particles intersecting the eyes.

You can use weight paint to make the hair grows shorter near the eyes…

And a little randn value and gravity would also contribute a lot!

i have but it ain’t working maby that is caused be the eyes and the body being the same mesh.

and i used a little amount of random and gravity

Ha ha very nice! I like them!

Couldn’t you just split the mesh at the point which you wish there to no longer be hair? I guess everyone elses ideas are probably better. %|

I think it would be better if you drooped the hair

yea those are good ideas but do you know any way to animate the hair.
dynamac hair or something like that if not when i can :smiley:

i made a 2 second animation of the motive of transportation

http://blender.isoserv.com/uploads/Fluff balls.avi

Lol, pretty funny. But too fast.

heres a small update