Puffing hair strange behavior or correct?

Take a look tothis file

Open the file an go to particle edit mode and select the puff brush and puff the roots of the hair for two seconds. It begins to get completely “crippled” like the girl has received a lightning stroke or something.

Is this a correct behavior? I was expecting puff would make it just elevate only around the roots making it more “vertical” there, but not the noise that happens along the strands.

58137 Campbell fix the issue

Thanks for making adjustments to Hair Styling - Puff is much improved.

There seems to be a strength multiplier set internally at that makes the strength setting in the T-Panel way too strong even at settings like .001. However, this is when none or all points along strands are selected. Using selected points with puff volume on (propagating to unselected points) seems to be effective for styling.

Edit - the strength setting maybe why smoothing seems a bit strange - its too powerful. When set very low .01-.001 it becomes more predictable. its more of a straightening tool though.

duplicate post

I noticed the same behavior, and posted a comment on ‘Cycles Strand Rendering’ thread.

In addition to the strength issue, it seems to me that the Sub mode doesn’t work.

And I agree that this Puff brush looks more like a straightener tool than a puff one.

So, I would wait before mark this thread as solved…