Pull Empty cloth forwards issue - SOLVED

Here comes another one!


I Parented eyes and cloth to mesh, than those to a meshdeformer and finally all to an Empty.
Now, when i pull around the Empty, every parented object will follow except the cloth… wich will somehow move FASTER and be moved further away then the others… Why, and what can i do to avoid this?


Now i added the meshdeformer constraint to all the included elements and have rebuilt the parent’s order.
The shirt still does whatever pleased and does not act as it would be the character’s cloth. Frustrating while i could watch the cloth interraction work perfectly well on a small exercice!

To spice the phenomenon, i hadded a wind (tube force 0.3) and guess what… the shirt gets totally distorted and is blow away.On frame 20 there is none to be seen nowhere! Woops! Gone! <8op

Damn it! Just can’t get:

  1. This shurt fixed to the character (character doesn’t apply it’s collision!)
  2. Have it to function as a cloth (applied the exact same procedure then the basic well working model).
    Is there something wrong with my parenting?

Do you have any of the verts on the cloth Pinned?

:o I have clicked on that pinning… :spin: hoping it would make things better…
But i couldn’t assure if any verts or all have been influenced with that…
Actually i have unchecked that button and run bake the cloth collision again:

on frame 27 the shirt is still visible, though it is about getting “blown through the character’s body”*… :confused:

EDIT: Should the Cloth Mesh be 0 weight or 1 (blue or red) ? Or can it be weightpainted to change the wind’s influence?

  • And it would go on just falling in -z

EDIT 2: It’s late, here, don’t get angry if i leave this thread for few hours :ba:

Create a vertex group in the cloth around the neck of the shirt and then use that group for Pinning in the cloth setup. This should make the pinned part stay stuck to the body and then the rest of the cloth will flow from there.

It’s a good point: what is set to Pinning does hold on the skin… what is not flies through.
So i’m going to extend the concerned vertex group and leave only the edges of the shirt (they need to be floating to give the silkyness to the shirt).
Thereafter, i will animate the character and watch if the tissu will be pushed, as it should, by the moving skin.
In case of success, i’ll send a short rendered animation.

EDIT: If the floating parts cross the skin, it certainly must be because of a bad value, somewhere… viscosity? Collision Quality? Friction? What could erase the problem?

just did a little test:
plane (with cloth modifier) 3 times subdivided child of cube(deflection enabled) child of empty.
press ALT_A to run the animation looks fine -> cloth folds over cube.
now move the empty in 3d view … according to the relationship all objects move together.
so put the empty to another location.
press ALT_A to run again
oops: the cloth snaps back to the old location falls down and folds where the cube was before.
free the cloth cache (button is on collision panel of cloth when cache is recorded)
press ALT_A to run again
now the cloth is recalculated properly

This shows that the cloth object does not reset itself when it is “indirectly” moved.
May be thats what happens there?
wild guess:the constraint at the “habit” object is a
“copy location” with inverting that is the “-” sign checked. right ?
just remove it.

I weight painted massively the shirt with different values of weights. It has gone better but there are still some issues (even on “red” parts ?!?)
Here is a near view render and one can see 2 skin penetrations ( on the “back” and near the collar).
In this experience (and i had a pretty hard time finding out how to gather the being’s parts without a bone modifier) the character is only animated by a Meshdeformer wich can be moved around by an Empty ( a Wind Empty is acting exclusively on the cloth element). Nevertheless, the character has collision on and it works… partially… and thats where it hurts.
I just tried to check the Inv(verse) button on the Meshdeform Moddifier… The cloth follows the reste a little bit closer but than keeps an offset while all gets back into position.

PS I don’t see a “copy location” and no checked minus sign neither, sorry… (on wich Pannel should this be?)

I’ll tweak few things yet on the file and will make it ready for a closer look later.

Many thanks!

On your screen shot I can see in the outliner, that the “habit” object has a at minimum one constraint. Because the tree is collapsed I can not see what kind of constraint is there but the behavior you describe would match to my guess.

cloth… wich will somehow move FASTER and be moved further

… may be no minus then

The constraints show in object mode (F7), there is a constraints panel.
Make sure you have object buttons selected ( not physics or particles)

Oh! that one… The cloth object “habit” is ChildOf the character “trompeux” with Influence 1.0…
I added this one to force the “habit” mesh to follow the character’s move…
You can check this on the yet uploading file (not be on the server before 20 minutes or so).

Just checked it with a simple cube and plane setup:

plane parented to cube via CTRL_P AND added a Child of Constraint
this “doubles” the “parenting” --> the plane moves twice as fast.
This is one example of blenders there are more than one way doing things but they don"t mix.
Not sure if this should be considered a bug. Strange at least.

So either unparent ( ALT_P ) “habit” or remove the constraint to have things back normal.

Thanks a lot for your investigation.
I’ll try removing one of them on a .blend copy and the other on a second copy… just to see.
Anyway, that file upload is on it’s way… but they must be doing some works on the DSL line… it’s progressing so slow, it’s a disaster!

EDIT: Hey! Yes! I only had to remove the constraint to “habit” and now the shirt follows the character perfectly!
I quickly make a new render, to see if the collision detection will also be improved…

EDIT 2: Clearly it has (still a tiny drop of cloth traversing the back’s skin… but not so much anymore). What worries me now is the flickering of the skin’s material… All 4 materials are Orco on Sphere… yet one of them seams to move by it’s own.