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Nimrad posted this in I Made This, accidentally. I sent him an email response, and just thought I’d share it with the community in case it would help anyone else.

On 2002-03-27 04:52, Nimrad wrote:
I know this is not a place for asking about other apps but please i need to know these so please don’t flame me(i will be using it for blender anyways)…

I am a newbie to photoshop so bear with me. Can someone tell me how to fill a layer with a pattern and how load a pattern as a selection in photoshop.

I would be most greatful if someone could answer this. Thanx


Anyway, here’s how you do it:

  1. Open your texture in Photoshop.
  2. Using the marquee tool, select the area that you want to have as your texture (if you want the whole thing to be the texture, then just do a “Select All”)
  3. In Photoshop 6, go to the edit menu and select “Define Pattern…”
  4. Give your pattern a name.
  5. Go to the document or layer you would like to fill.
  6. Select the area you wish to fill.
  7. From the edit menu, choose “Fill”
  8. Set “Use” under the contents section to “Pattern”
  9. Choose the pattern you just defined from the visible swatches.
  10. Choose your blending options.
  11. Hit OK.

If you’re using Photoshop 5, it’s even easier. There can only be one pattern at a time, so you just select and define it as above, then do the same procedure to fill with it, only you don’t have to name it or select it in the fill dialogue.

Good luck!

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