Pulling a chain through a hole

I am considering animating a chain being pulled through a hole. In fact it’s a little bit more complicated than that: the chain is a protein, folded up into some three-dimensional shape. The way it differs from a simple chain is that there are kinks in it which you need to apply a certain force to unfold.

The idea is to pull one end of it through a hole and watch it unfold.

Is this a realistic task for someone who has no experience with the animation and game engine side of Blender? Can you give me any tips on where to start? (I see lots of tutorials on modelling chains)

Thank you

I’ll be blunt in answering this question… No, it’s not a realistic task for an in-experienced user. Modelling a chain along a curve is the first step, a simple task. If your dna/protien model is repeating like a chain link, each chain link is the same, then that part is easy…

To animate it, you’d need to add hook modifiers to each control point of the curve and I would prefer to use an armature to control the points of the curve.

Once everything is set up, animating it would be fairly easy…