Pulling Cloth away from Subject

Hi guys. Been reading for a while. Only post when necessary. Lots of good stuff here.

Now, I’m kinda stuck. I am working on a project where I need to drape a cloth over a model (the model is insignificant at this point - it may be a simple object, text, etc - I just don’t know yet). I can drape the cloth (thanks to the wonderful Cloth simulator in 2.45). That was the easy part.

But I’m having trouble after that. I need to have the cloth be yanked off of the object. You know, pull away, slowly revealing the model beneath. How do I accomplish that? I’ve searched the web, but I think the community here can better help.

Should I use an Empty with a Wind field, or is there a way to get the Cloth to follow IPO keyframes? Or am I completely off? I would really appreciate some assistance. And if you could, could you please speak in dumb terms? Sometimes, I get lost on the forums in technical talk.

I thank you all in advance.

Well, it would seem to me that if you want pull the cloth off, you have to pin it to something. If you blow it off, it won’t look like it is being pulled off. You may have to apply the cloth modifier to the first cloth, to freeze the cloth in a postition, and then use that as the second that is then pulled off.

i’m guessing you’ve already figured this out, but in case you haven’t…

create the object you want to be cloth. this can be your draped cloth with the cloth modifier applied already.

go in to edit mode and select the vertices you want to tug on. assign them a new vertex group. i always call mine “pinned.”

if you only want to pull it in one direction, add a hook to the full pinned selection. for this, you probably want just one, but in other cases (like two hands lifting the cloth), you could add hooks to any subset of the pinned vertices.

animate the hooks to follow the pull you want. scale them for bunching, rotate them for twisting, and translate them for pulling.

give your cloth mesh it’s cloth properties, making sure to turn on pinning. if your only vertex group is the one for pinning, it will automatically be selected. if it’s not, you can choose it from the pull-down menu.

once you’ve got everything the way you want it (especially your friction and self collision settings), bake your clothing sim.