pulling objects using physics and bricks

Objects can push other objects…

I wish to pull objects… for example a train of cubes being pulled but as the lead wagon turn around a corner, the others bump the corner object so continue to be pulled until they can turn themself…

Also making a chain and applying motion only to the head link, pulling the other links as in the real world (yes I kbnow we are not in the real world when in the game engine… :slight_smile: )


PS I tried building a chain from Torus objects (got exploding constructs when going into game mode)
PPS My guess is that the application of the bounding box for an object like a torus doesn’t take in account the whole… but limiting the bound to the static triangle mesh makes the object just sit there and not respond anymore… convez hull polytype doesn’t help either!

Rigid Body Joints!

Rigid Body constraints are the feature you are talking about. This thread should help you out. Feel free to ask any more questions. I can go into a bit more detail on the subject if necessary.


I made a centipede of spheres with rigid bodie constraints, and set up controls for the head. As i drive the head around the ground plane, the body follows, and acts like a bank pen chain. Fun…

little bit about bounds:

static triangle mesh - its static =] aka it doesnt move

convex hull polytype - its convex, almost like putting plastic wrap around something, no caves or indents

and if you want to make something concave, you should do it by parenting objects together and enabling “compound” on the objects

thanks to all - very useful information…
I’ll practice these pythoned constraints and come back for more wisdom :slight_smile: