Pulse Canon

This Portable Pulse Canon is a design I originally came up with about a year ago and am now re-doing (with some mods) in Blender. Still adding some details. Then some UV mapping and a setting. C&c welcome.


Oooh! Fun design. I’m diggin’ the bolts! :slight_smile:

What I can see looks nice, but that’s not much. You need to brighten it up a bit

I turned up the lights a bit. Hope that helps.

The UV mapping has begun but it needs to be dirtied up more.


Looking good, excellent work on modelling.Textures:I’d add a texture for the black grip on the gun, just one from a generic handgun or something. For your part where the paint is being scraped away i suggest you either make it a dirty green, or shiny metal, just something other than the current colour. The bolts blend in geatly, how did you do them? Keep up the good work

Really like the design. Reminds me of something you would see in half-life. I would second the comment on the grip. Adding more detail would definately make it look better.

Keep it coming.

looks good, but your material settings on the main body part seem a little too plastic, and the textures look a little unnatural, try putting a little nor on those white splotches, also have them affect the specularity and hardness… that also would make a difference, otherwise, it looks pretty deadly, nice modeling

I re-did the grips, put some nor on the paint chips, reduced the spec and dirtied it up a bit more. Now for some type of setting.


You have a mount on the back for the forarm to hold the gun. A couple of things. I’m thinking this kind of gun would have one of two things happening.

One - no recoile/that could mean a charge coming out the back of the gun aswell as the front. In which case your rest of your arm could be in trouble if it’s sitting on your fore arm.

Two - lots of recoile/again the rest of your arm is in trouble from the recoile.

Might I suggest a shoulder mount for the rear of the gun. It could be collapseable if it’s being carried (the shoulder mount). In mounting the gun on the shoulder all the force is obsorbed by the body of the soldier and not just the arm and upper body. You could then move the site to the side of the gun instead of the top. Like a Telescope.

Just some thoughts. I looks like a kicken gun though…


Nice design. You’ve got the right idea with the paint chips, but it doesn’t fit, as the paint is chipped yet the rest of the gun is really clean still, the paints too even a colour. You need to dirty those textures up some, especially round where there are edges of the gun meet etc., as those bits would get most dirty.

Hopefully this will help, it’s a gallery of the weapons from UT2004, should give you some idea what I mean. (click the thumbnails for larger pics) http://www.unrealtournament.com/ut2004/weapons.php

The three emitters at the mouth of the barrel create a “ball” of energy which is then hammered forward by a sonic pulse. About as much recoil as a small caliber handgun (but you have a very good point if this were a projectile weapon). Thx for the weapon pics. Very good examples.

nice(note, im drunk and just trying to get my post count up…muahahaha…read my thread in OffTopic forum)

I agree with the paint chips is not very natural. It should have more weariness on those outwarding and highly used parts. Also, paint finish is not adepting to high-tech weapons.

It would be great if it has a energy ball you said in front. :smiley:

The much more used version.


can we see it shooting???

I have no plans, at this time, to show it shooting. That would involve making a person to pull the trigger and I have not tried making a person yet. Maybe sometime in the distant future.