Pulse in a wire? A tutorial?

I am trying to simulate an pulse going in a wire (a bezier object extruded into a tube).

The easiest would be just to create an object and make it follow the path. However, I need lots of them and a particle system looks like what I need instead.
Unfortunately I haven’t found suitable tutorials after a a few hours of searching.

You can do that with a particle system and a Curve Guide Force Filed. However, the silly thing about the Curve Guide is that it gets its speed from the particles lifetime.
So if you need your particles do anything before or after starting or finishing moving along the curve you´ll probably have to look for some other way.
One way would be to simply create one pulse and then create a bunch of copies and offset the timing. This might be unpractical, depending on the amount you need and you´ll have to offset by some script. I am sure there is script that does that.

If you want an effect to travel along a wire a texture might be a good option as alot of effects can be achieved with keyframing the position of textures, but that might not be suitable for what you’re trying to do.