pulsed energy weapons script

Okay, I’m getting really tired of having to create particle emitters for every blaster bolt being fired from say a laser turrent. What I want is a script that will say release 200 particle over x frames, wait y frames, and repeat.

So I’ve got every book the library had on Python (in a nutshell) and I’m going to write a script.

So here is my question: what are some suggestions on the best way to do this?

Have the script automatically create several emittors, basically automate what I do now, or somehow program an interupt into the exiting particle system?

I have extensive PERL, C, and some PHP coding background. First task is to figure out enough Python and gather some ideas…

Create your own “Laser Weapons Lib”
Append all your created emitters and materials from your previously created scenes into a new (empty) blend.
Then you might want to post it here. :wink:

dont forget color ramp falloff color changes and alpha…

Oh and displacement maps just incase someone makes sub ploygon displacement mapping,
oh and bump maps

when I bloody well get done I’m going to have “unimatrix’s space wars in a .blend” ready…

Still if anyone with more experience has some clues on the best angle to approach, that will help cut down on “research time”.

Although expect alpha 1 of the script to just emit bursts of particles…textures will be there about 2.0…

Steal the code from the acmeExploder script I posted the other week.

lines 81-228

The values are stored in python dicts.
It saves having to distribute a .blend file with the script
and linking with the library module.

Of course if someone wrote a disutils type script
to package scripts and .blend libraries…

I never bothered adding texture support but the
code is lying about at home somewhere…

Thanks for the suggestion…I’ll be happy to “BSD” it…

if you don’t get the sarcasm, read the BSD license that can be summed up like this: “Use, do what you want, you can’t use our name to promote it”.

I just copied and pasted the Acme Airburst Script. I will try it out tonight.