pulsing movement?

hows it goin yall?
ive just got a new problem with my game “custom ragdoll” it wasnt a problem before but now that the level is gigantic i realized that the characters need to be able to run rather than fly, as they do now. when i press A or D (movement left or right for player 1) the character leans to that direction and moves in that direction. which wasnt a problem in earlier stages but as u all know the character continues to gain momentum until it hits something. which IS a problem. the stage was meant to be big enough to not be able to get through it in 5 seconds!


is it possible to make it so when i hold a button the actuator goes every lets say…2 seconds?

You can do that with timer property.
Have a property timer. Add a property sensor to the logic brick set up and set it to interval -1 to 2, then set it to inv so the sensor runs true when its actually false, connect that to the same ‘and’ controller as the keyboard sensor.
Add a property actuator, have it assign timer to 0, connect this to the same controller as before.

I put in an example blend for you aswell


timer.blend (119 KB)

Thank U So Much!