Pulsor objects

Recently I have been experimenting with scripting a kind of generic object that either pulls objects towards it, or repels them away. It could be used for various things such as explosions effecting surrounding objects, or magnetism type effects.
The Pulsor detects objects in the scene with the property ‘grav’, and has its own properties, ‘force’, and ‘range’. The ‘force’ determines the amount of strength the pulsor pulls objects toward it, and the ‘range’ determines how far the pulsor has influence over from its center.
Check out the script, give me some feed back, critique it, improve it, show me what you’ve got :smiley:

wrong section, it must be in Gmae engine resources

oh, well im just discussing the game engine, its not quite a resource, considering its not nearly finished. Critique the file? :wink:


Please read the sticky regarding the forum usage.
If you are not requesting specific help this is a resource.
If you say it is not finished, it is a WIP.

There is a chance that I do not move this thread to resources:
You could ask to test the file, if that is what you want. That would fit the rules of this forum. If so let us know what you want to get tested.
You might notice that most of the resource threads have discussion with critics in it.

Your resource should be well prepared

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    but do not need to be perfect. You always have the option to edit your own posts. That enables you to keep the thread uptodate.

Beside that: the video look cool :D.

Thanks monster :smiley: but yeah my goal was to see if anyone could make it more realistic, or efficient, sorry if I wasn’t clear