Puma (braid tutorial)

(Nazar_Noschenko) #1

Hey guys! I’m happy to share with you my new character Puma.

In the tutorial I’m gonna show how to create braid in Blender. Hope you find it helpful:)
Concept by the amazing Mijin Jeon https://www.instagram.com/mjj_eon/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nazar_noschenko_artist/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/NazarNoschenko


(Nazar_Noschenko) #2

original concept


(Yudit1999) #3

I can look at this model for a whole day. Really awesome work there!

(Safetyman) #4

I agree – that character is 10 kinds of amazing. You are such a great character artist and I love all your works. Thanks for the tutorial.

(anas) #5

wow this is really really amazing man how do you color the hair, and her skin, is it photo skin or hand painted

(Photox) #6

Really nice.

(CG-Predator) #7

Exemplary work. Very inspirational.
Thank you for sharing.


Amazing ! I love her yea ! :slight_smile:

(colkai) #9

Yeah, there’s so much going on in this image, the more you look, the more you appreciate the detail.

(Ranquin) #10

Very nice, she’s truly lovely and you translated the reference very well.
And thanks for the tutorial.

(Ivaylo Gogov [ivaydesign]) #11

Wonderful work! Congrats. Keep creating :slight_smile:

(FXR) #12

The braid video is great. eye opener! Thanks

(thetony20) #13

That’s really cool and some very nice tips in the tutorial.

Now for my classic question… how do you animate her in Blender (especially the hair and to some extent the clothes)?

(Ianmcmill) #14

Nice work. I saw your hair tutorial in the past. Great stuff!

(Nazar_Noschenko) #15

Thanks Yuditya!

(Nazar_Noschenko) #16

Thank you!

(0rAngE) #17

Hey Nazar, that’s a great character you got there! Wish I had done that :slight_smile:
Great work on the overalls in MD!
Keep at it, always fun to see your pieces!

(Nazar_Noschenko) #18

Thanks a lot!

(Machigan) #19

Great character, amazing work on her hair!
Thx a bunch for the tut.

(özgür) #20

Great work! Congrats.