Puma Mostro rendering

Hi guys !
Here the WIP of the rendered version of realtime project of Puma Mostro. A part of my work is to model several products like caps, mugs, shoes and any object for online customization. Those objects are lowpoly modeled and lightmaps are baked, all in Blender of course ! :wink: . I decided to render one of them, for fun, by keeping as much as possible the lowpoly modelling. I used Yafaray and Cycles for rendering, comparing the time and shaders of both.Of course, Cycles is so much faster than Yafa, thanks to my GTX 580 3GB ! :smiley:


Yafaray ( SPPM):

Really super good texturing on the shoe… really everything came out great. Maybe think about a rendering showing a pair of them together.

This looks really nice. Great job on it. The only possible issue I see is in the third picture on the first post. It seems that the mesh for the white part of the shoe does not meet the middle section, giving it a hollow look. The actual shoe may look like that, I don’t know. Really looks nice.

awesome model, I like a lot the materials, great job!

Very neat. I am glad YafaRay can still produce comparatively good results quality wise. DOF is better in Cicles though!

Thanks Alvaro, here some corrections, still in progress. Rendered with Yafaray, SPPM, i7-2600k 4 cores, 26 mn, post-compositing with AO and Shadows passes ( rendered with Cycles), 2400x1800px

Yafaray still rocks :wink:

yafaray is way faster then cycles u have to just know how to setup it :>

Yafaray can be faster than Cycles depending the scene and the lights setup. With a good GPU like mine ( gtx580 3Gb RAM) Cycles is of course so much faster, like rendering the scene in less than 2mn !

Here an other view, still with Yafaray, 20mn render time :slight_smile:

Nice render.
But I think the interior of the shoes could be a little detailed and brighter.