Pumping Memory Animation (Demoreel + Blendswap included)

Heya Blenderartists,
I finally finished rendering an animation of a machinery model:

Hope you enjoyed it :stuck_out_tongue:

I shared a full modell of this machine on blendswap: http://www.blendswap.com/blends/view/66794

Now let me tell you something about the model muhahah,

I modeled it from scratch starting with the pump and adding shapes and mecaniscs where I thought they looked nice. After this was done I added in a long chain of constraints to allow the entire machine to be controlled by 1 empty.
If you keyframe this one empty the entire machine will follow it’s lead. This makes it very easy ad fun to play around with the machinery and I foudn it rather mesmerizing too :stuck_out_tongue: spend hours just looking at the gears roll about.

After I did this I added a few commonly used cycles materials to give it a nice look and started rendering…
and that took 6 days, day and night :frowning: poor poor computer, and poor poor me for not being able to blender for such a long time! I was doomed to spend time on homework instead while my computer slowly build a 30fps animation frame by frame. But I think the result was worth every second of it :stuck_out_tongue: + my teachers are very happy I finally spend some time on my math.

Please Comment and critique this work!
I am always looking to improve so do not be affraid to share your hones opinion!

Cheers and hopefully enjoy :slight_smile:

pretty neat job! love gears…

Really nice animation!

I love the animation and it looks like you spent some time rendering.Nice work!:yes:

I saw it on blendswap first and then here. Really neat idea and easy for someone else to use in their project.
Sorry you had to do your homework though.

Wow, what a streak of comments XD Thanks guys! always nice to get some positive feedback. Don’t be scared to criticize though :wink:

Excellent job, did you use and drivers in this animation?

Hey Herleynits97,
No I did not use drivers, I used a long chain of copy rotation- and transformation constraints to link all parts togather.
If you want to have a closer look I recomment downloading the file on Blendswap and take a look :wink:
Thanks for the comment. link:http://www.blendswap.com/blends/view/66794

hmm, where does the toast come out of again? :wink:

Neat looking, grats!

Pretty amazing, I gotta learn how to animate stuff one day too :slight_smile:

I did a tutorial on the constraintcombinations used within this project.

I just want to compliment you on the tutorial you put together, I learned a lot about these 2 constraints you focused on that I did not know. You have a real good teaching style as well. Any additional tutorials on constraints would be most welcome…

thank you for the compliment, I got another request on explaining how I rigged the pumpjack in my machine so I’m working on that tutorial as I write. It will be done tomorrow or tonight.

Tutorial on the pumpjack’s rig

It’d be awesome to see this in a scene, maybe on a table in a room. Seems like the kind of weird contraption you’d see in the house of someone that collects watches and model trains.