Pumpkin forest

A test render of the scene I’m creating for the Blender Cookie Halloween contest.

I’ve noticed a few problems, like the ground is too glossy, textures on the trees are stretched and pumpkin’s displacement is too much. But… ignoring them, does anyone have any suggestions.

it’s good start. I am not good with texture the landscape but I think you can add more grass among trees. So you dont have to worry if the ground has glossy. Trees look like that they are copied or clone, lol. I think you can make two or three different trees or different branches. Stretched trees should be fine because some kinds of tree look like that. Leave that way. Are pumpkins suppose to be fly around? or hung on trees? I can think of…Hope it helps you… Good job and keep up with it. :slight_smile:

Thank you :slight_smile:

I have made a few adjustments and lowered the brightness and removed those 3 shadow from a 3 point lighting setup.

look better than before… I can see a person stand around pumpkins… look scary. :slight_smile: