Pumpkin Pics

I doubt it… but if anyone remembers… the pumpkins in this image are taken from my “pumpkin stack” image… that was quite a while ago…

again I am doing this for my dad, who is making Mr. Buckelew’s website!

the website can be found here http://www.buckelewfarm.com/
I did the scarecrow and the pumpkins for that site… and guess what… they’re back!

these images are intended for the background of Mr. Buckelew’s site…
(sorry for the small image size, the photobucket site resized them)
Angle1 attempt at clouds

The pumpkin seems to stand out ffrom the background.

It looks quite precariously balanced upon that fence post. And the whole thing needs texture work, better bump maps, etc. Lighting needs help as well. Nice start.

erm… actually everything is kind of intended this way… it is supposed to be way dark, the pumpkin is supposed to stand out…

this is more of a design based background…

however, thank you Very much for your comments! these are things I will definately use in future projects… appreciate the comments!