Pumpkin Projection - Lipsync (My first attempt)

Not a masterpiece here, and by no means perfect. Needs work.

This is my first attempt on lip-syncing with Blender’s internal Shape keys and the Dope Sheet.
I wanted to do something different this year during Halloween Night, since I have one HD video projector and a crappy Low Res projector. They both actually work good for this effect. I had to crop the video to a larger size for the Low Res projector to fit the pumpkin (small lens).

I am currently rendering a HD version that has 5768 frames, and it has been hours and it is half way done. Tomorrow morning it should be ready for me to edit it with my video editor.

Here’s a rendered video ready for projection: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T78hKYy8BD0

Here’s what it looks like projected onto a plastic pumpkin: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wc8dNCdLUaM

I have a flickering flame on a candle (and interior pumpkin walls), but I didn’t upload that version here yet. I forgot to set the Blender Movie Texture to be more than one frame. I’ll post it here when It is done rendering.

I think I am going to cut the back of the plastic pumpkin out and project the face from the rear, using the Low Res projector, and I will use the HD projector for ghosts and stuff on the side of my house.


That’s awesome, I like it!

What a great effect and such a fun idea!